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Dawit Firew Hailu is an Ethio-Jazz Artist from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is the son of Firew Hailu, a legendary vocalist and musician. The late Firew Hailu was one of the famous singer and instrument players who came to fame during the 1950's. Dawit had a very deep music interest from his childhood. When he completed his higher education, he went to Yared Music School and graduated with a Major Clarinet, minor Piano and traditional Masinko.

He then joined Ethiopian National Theatre and played Alto Saxophone and worked for almost ten years. Dawit, while working with Ethiopian National Theatre Modern Band played with so many Bands and one of them is the Addis Acoustic Renaissance Group, the latter Addis Acoustic Project. He played with the band and took part on 'Tewesta - Remembrance Album' where he has shown his extraordinary clarinet skill with Ethiopian touch.

He has performed at several jazz venue like the Jazzamba, the Coffee House and other jazz sessions. He also performed with foreign musicians like Supernova, The Either orchestra and famous Cuban American Clarinet Player Paquito d'rivera.

Dawit has released three albums, the first title of Dawit Firew's CD is 'Firew' named After his father Firew Hailu'. He later released his second album under the title 'Tila Kelelaye' which he dedicates to the most famous legend Ethiopian vocalist Tilahun Gessese. Recently in 2018 (2010 E.C) he released his third album entitled 'Ethiopiyawitua' which he named to his Clarinet.

Dawit has participated at different world music concerts and festivals. He performed in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, the Middle East and different parts of Africa. Dawit has a vision to work with International Music Bands and wants to play his part in promoting Ethiopian Music in order to reach audiences from around the world.

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